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Oh No!


Hello Friend,

You are receiving this note because I am missing the necessary information to form a precise response to your inquiry. It’s not a big deal. You simply need to include the following details in your next email: The venue, date, time, and duration of the booking you wish to schedule for. 

Our compatibility is very important to me so please make sure you have familiarized yourself with my rates, code of conduct, and screening requirements.


Same day requests are difficult to coordinate because it is not likely I would have already heard back from the provider you've used as a reference even if I were available. You may contact me for other acceptable forms of screening for outcalls.

I would have loved to respond in a more personal manner, but the details in your email are currently insufficient so that leaves me without much to work with. 




P.S. We live in a world where people text informally, with abbreviations for the simplest of words. If this describes you, please relax, I didn't expect you to read my mind.


It pleases me to read well-constructed emails from first-time clients. Friendly informalities come later, but at the very least, I need to feel confident that a person is considerate and safe before meeting with them. After all, the whole point of getting together is to do away with stress! A little thoughtfulness goes a long way when securing personalized services. 

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