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There is an aphorism stating whomever you are seeking is also seeking you. You type your preferred nomenclature for "companion" into Google’s search bar, the name of a city you are visiting, and perhaps one or two other criteria(s) before you begin to scroll through the results. While there are many beautiful, elite, independent companions in Canada, choices in Toronto and Vancouver are especially bountiful.


You’ve shortlisted a few favourite ladies based on pictures and how well their profiles align with your fantasies. Now what? The next logical step may be to peruse escort reviews if you have the time. Reviews are potentially good sources of information when you bear in mind some providers prefer to keep a low profile, are relatively new, or have less clients with the inclination/time to write reviews.


In most cases, a better source of information is from the provider themselves. Due to the fact each individual has preferences unique to themselves, good communication is essential in order to secure a bespoke experience, customized to your own personal preferences. Most people genuinely enjoy making others happy so please do not be afraid to make polite requests.


I’d suggest the following protocol when establishing email contact with me. Here is a sample outline: 





“Hello, I am name from Seattle. I have reviewed your rates and policies and would like to secure a booking; I shall be in Vancouver for a conference sometime in the Spring and would like to inquire about your availability for (time/date/month) for ( _hours).” 


If you have something in mind please include your request in the email. For example:


“Would I be able to request business wear for lunch at name of venue?” Or “I have ____ and/or _____ in mind. Would you be able to accommodate my requests?"


You may include your screening information in the first email if you feel comfortable. Otherwise, please save it for the second email where you include the following information:


“I’ve seen 1st provider’s name and 2nd provider’s name within the last six months.  Here is their contact information: email address and websites. This is the name that appears on my ID: FirstLast Name.  My mobile number is (area code) ___-____. “  Please include any additional information such as online profiles in order to expedite the screening process. 

Whether you are a titan of industry, leader of a religious organization or NGO, a public/private sector employee, etc. is of absolutely no interest to me. My only concern is my safety, not your socioeconomic status. For travel and international (outside Canada) bookings, a copy of your government-issued identification, a picture of you holding your ID, your LinkedIn profile, and two provider references are required. I utilize protonmail. Click here to see why. 


For new clients, confirmation of the time/date/duration/venue of the booking is expected by the third email exchange. Screening is a one time process. Subsequent bookings with established clients are seamless and hassle-free.




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