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restraint cuffs


It is not easy to find accessories that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and offered at a fair price point so I've decided to procure a few pairs of these handmade cuffs for your pleasure (or pain). 

These cuffs are ideal for men and women who appreciate a balance of form and function. Its minimalist up-market design, constructed with a softer, thus more comfortable grade of leather, accented with polished gold or silver hardware pleases kinaesthetically.   

Wearing one as a bracelet may draw compliments, or a wink or two, although when worn traditionally, the cuffs serve as fully functional, traditional playtime restraints.



Sold in pairs.


Standard sizing accommodates  6.5" to 8.5" wrists

If your wrists fall outside these parameters, custom sizes are complimentary.

Available in Clear (PVC), Black or Brown Genuine Leather with Gold or Silver-toned hardware and 

1" O-rings. 

Vegans may request simulated leather


$55 CAD, Discreet shipping included


* Handmade. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.


You may email me with your color and hardware preferences and arrange payment. 

Hermes offers a more exquisite version.


I do not identify as a submissive so I have only worn cuffs as fashion accessories. If you identify as one, you are permitted to contact me to discuss your collared options. 

This page fulfills my fantasy of being a purveyor of naughty things...just one of many of ways I amuse myself. 



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